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Dirty Angels

Music Shortfilm, A 2024

with Sara Raiby, Kyrill, Soia Hagen, Puti Kaisar Mihara, Sunny Jana, Lenny, Pale Male

Two victims of ill treatment form a collective, the dirty angels, to strike back against perpetrators.

But the more they try to rid the world of them, the more they get sucked into violence and cruelty, whilst being chased by law enforcement.

Direction, Script & Cinematography - Götz Raimund

Production & Casting - Soia Hagen

Gaffer - Sam Safari & Furkan Büyükaydin

Editing, Sound & Color correction - Götz Raimund

Set Photography -  Sam Safari

Lyrics - Soia Hagen 

Composition - Pale Male & Soia

Drums - Raphael Vorraber

Song Mastering - Mathias Garmusch

Release 26.05.2024

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